This is my personal site where I’ll be jotting down some ideas on things I’m working on, testing new tech and occasionally breaking things.

You can follow me on LinkedIn or Twitter, or if you search hard enough you might find me exploring the Scottish countryside.

I’m passionate about start-up and scale-up companies in the following industries:

🤝 HRTech - specifically talent discovery. There has to be a better way to match roles and talent than recruiters and job boards right?

🌳 The Future of Transport - rethinking private transport ownership and utilisation, new methods of low emission public transportation and improving access to green spaces within urban environments.

🧘‍♀️ Democratising Web Development - out with bloated development teams and documentation that needs a CS degree to comprehend. In with low code software, AI and automation to build, test and iterate MVPs and new features.

Tools and tech I'm having fun with at the moment:

Office scene with a window looking onto a beach landscape, generated with AI.

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If it's helpful, you can also download the latest version of my CV here